Bonus tracks (1)

Song title Release datesort ascending Singer - Band Singer-Band picture Album Country Musical genre Remarks
Wills of the River Jan. 2010 FIRST AID KIT The Big Black and the Blue Sweden Folk music
Simply falling 2010 IYEOKA OKOAWO Say Yes USA Soul
My baby 2010 JULIA STONE The Memory Machine Australia Various
Nobody in this World 2010 THE HONEY DEWDROPS These Old Roots USA Folk music
Need You Now Aug. 2009 LADY ANTEBELLUM Need You Now USA POP
Le dernier jour Mar 2009 INDOCHINE La République des Meteors France POP
Apple Pie Bed 2009 LAWRENCE ARABIA Chant Darling New Zealand POP
Williams’ Blood Dec. 2008 GRACE JONES Hurricane Jamaica Dance Written by Grace Jones and autobiographical
Addictions Dec. 2008 SUPERBUS Lova Lova France POP
You're My Chocolate Sept. 2008 SAVAGES Five Finger Discount England Instrumental music
Sweet Deposition Sept. 2008 THE TEMPER TRAP Conditions Australia ROCK
Viva la vida May 2008 COLDPLAY Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends England POP
You're Not Coming Home Tonight Apr. 2008 FIRST AID KIT Drunken Trees Sweden Folk music
New Soul Oct. 2007 YAEL NAÏM Yael Naim France/Israel Folk music
Dad’s Gonna Kill Me May 2007 RICHARD THOMPSON Sweet Warrior England Folk music
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye 2007 DROPKICK MURPHYS The Meanest of Times USA Various Irish traditional song denouncing the atrocities of war; the song dates from the early nineteenth century
El Hoyo 2007 MANU CHAO Manu Chao in 2008 (Bondy) La Radiolina France Latin music
You Know I'm No Good Oct. 2006 AMY WINEHOUSE Back to Black England Soul music
Butterfly Aug. 2006 SUPERBUS Wow France POP
Starlight Jul. 2006 MUSE Black Holes and Revelations England ROCK
Dress up in you Feb. 2006 BELLE and SEBASTIAN The Life Pursuit England POP
Alice et June Dec. 2005 INDOCHINE Alice et June France ROCK
Tripping Oct. 2005 ROBBIE WILLIAMS Intensive Care England POP Music written by The Clash
Et dans 150 ans 2005 RAPHAËL Caravane France Various
The Bucket Nov. 2004 KINGS OF LEON Aha Shake Heartbreak USA ROCK