Bonus tracks

Song titlesort descending Release date Singer - Band Singer-Band picture Album Country Musical genre Remarks Reference
1979 Oct. 1995 THE SMASHING PUMPKINS Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness USA ROCK At first, producer Flood said that he wanted to drop this song from the album ... bonus track - 166
A Well Respected Man Sept. 1965 THE KINKS The Kinks in 1965 in Stockholm Kwyet Kinks England ROCK Ray Davies met once some upper class people and he here mocks what he perceived as condescension and self-satisfaction 040
Adieu Minette Oct. 1977 RENAUD Laisse béton France Various 091
Aimer est plus fort que d'être aimé Oct. 1985 DANIEL BALAVOINE Sauver l'amour France POP 126
All Shook Up Mar 1957 ELVIS PRESLEY Elvis Presley in 1970 All Shook Up USA ROCK bonus track - 016
Allô maman bobo Dec. 1977 ALAIN SOUCHON Jamais content France Various 085
Almost Blue 1988 Chet Baker Chet Baker in Tokyo USA Jazz Written by Elvis Costello in 1982 and played by Chet Baker in the Documentary Let's Get lost 147
Amazing Grace Dec. 1970 JUDY COLLINS Whales & Nightingales USA Folk music Chistian song of 1779 062
Angels Sept. 1997 ROBBIE WILLIAMS Life Thru a Lens England Rythm and Blues bonus track - 170
Apple Pie Bed 2009 LAWRENCE ARABIA Chant Darling New Zealand POP 201
Are You Gonna Go My Way Feb. 1993 LENNY KRAVITZ Are You Gonna Go My Way USA ROCK The album cover features Kravitz facing a woman whose back is turned to the viewer, perhaps Vanessa Paradis ... 164
Au conditionnel Oct. 2004 MATMATAH Archie Kramer France POP With this album, Matmatah affirms his Anglo-Saxon influences at the expense of the usual Celtic sounds 187
Ballad of Sharpeville 1960 EWAN MACCOLL Saturday Night at the Bull and Mouth England Various bonus track - 025
Being with You Feb. 1981 SMOKEY ROBINSON Being with You USA Rythm and Blues Originally written by Smokey Robinson for Kim Carnes, but eventually recorded for himself 110
Bird In Hand 2011 BLAME SALLY Speeding Ticket and a Valentine USA POP 204
Blue Hotel Dec. 1986 CHRIS ISAAK Chris Isaak USA POP 136
Bonne nouvelle May 2004 FRANCIS CABREL Francis Cabrel in 2009 in Hanoi Les Beaux Dégâts France Various bonus track - 184
Brésils 1970 FRANÇOIS BÉRANGER Tranche de vie France Various 061
Bright Light Feb. 2013 MOUNT MORIAH Miracle Temple USA POP 215
Burn That Candle 1955 BILL HALEY AND HIS COMETS Bill Haley and his Comets in 1956 Burn That Candle USA ROCK 012