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About us

About us

aurfee.fr is a Web Site headquartered in Paris area and is active since the 06/10/2012.


Contact us

For all inquiries, questions or information to send us, you may contact us by email by clicking in the footer on "Contact".


Our philosophy

The first motivation of AURFEE Site is to introduce to the Users songs selected primarily on the basis of their melodic quality (which is of course a subjective exercise).

Unlike many sites specialized in best of and charts, our choice is not (only) based on the number of sales or the popularity of songs. We have first looked for the quality of the melody, then the beauty of the arrangements and of the singer(s)' voice.

Moreover, without any sectarianism, the chosen songs cover several styles of music and generations: the oldest was released in 1932 !

We present, currently, 800 songs and 300 bonus tracks, 100 movie soundtracks and 100 classical masterpieces. This collection, which is not intended to be either exhaustive or definitive, will be regularly updated  in the months ahead.



All Site content is accessible from the Main Menu (or Main selection list for a Smartphone or a tablet):

    50s and earlier: introduction of the songs and musics up to the 50s included.

    The songs are introduced in a table with columns of informations that may be sorted.

    The following informations might then be sorted (in ascending or descending way):

    • Song title
    • Release date of either the single or the album, depending on the chronology
    • Singer or Band
    • Country
    • Musical genre

    For a Smartphone or a tablet, the 3 (2) last sortable columns are hidden by default and may be displayed with "+".

    The different results pages are available at the bottom of the table.


    Other years: introduction of the songs and musics collection from the 60s to the 2010s.


    Bonus tracks: introduction of additional songs and music.


    Movie soundtrack and classical music: same use as for the songs, but with specific movie and classical music informations.

    Search: allow to search for a song title, a singer or a band, or a musician introduction.


      Login: session opening.



      This Site has been mainly performed using the free CMS (Content Management System) DRUPAL. All our thanks and congratulations to the teams of designers who have permitted, for many years, to perform this wonderful tool aimed at designing websites !

      The theme is based on a responsive theme designed by Zymphonies.

      The musicians introductions and many comments are freely inspired by Wikipedia and the Site images are mainly found on Wikimedia Commons.

      In order to illustrate the songs collection, links to videos from the sites Youtube and DailyMotion have been performed.

      The textures and the main picture were found on GRSItes and Freeimages.