Movie soundtrack

Movie titlesort descending Release year Composer Composer picture Country Remarks
1492: Conquest of Paradise 1992 Vangelis Grece
8 ½ 1963 Nino Rota Italy Fellini employed for this movie his favorite music composer since "Le Cheik blanc", released in 1952
A Fistful of Dollars 1964 Ennio Morricone Italy
Amarcord 1973 Nino Rota Italy
Amélie 2001 Yann Tiersen France The music of Yann Tiersen has surely contributed to the worldwide success of the mischievous brunette's adventures ... and to tourism in the Paris Montmartre district
Arizona Dream 1992 Goran Bregovic and Iggy Pop Serbia It features the vocals and lyrics of Iggy Pop and the lyrics of Emir Kusturica
Arthur 1981 Burt Bacharach U.S. "Best that you can do" is performed by Christopher Cross
Basic Instinct 1992 Jerry Goldsmith USA
Batman 1989 Danny Elfman U.S.
Batman Begins 2005 Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard Hans Zimmer in 2010 (Hollywood) USA
Bilitis 1977 Francis Lai France
Blade Runner 1982 Vangelis Greece Demis Roussos and Mary Hopkin, among others, participated to the OST
Bless the Beasts and Children 1971 Barry De Vorzon and Perry Botkin, Jr. USA
Bonanza 1959 Jay Livingston and Ray Evans U.S.
Borsalino 1970 Claude Bolling France
Breaking Glass 1980 Hazel O'Connor England
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969 Burt Bacharach USA B.J. Thomas sings "Rain drops keep falling on my head"
Chariots of Fire 1981 Vangelis Vangelis in 2007 (Athens) Grece
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005 Danny Elfman Danny Elfman (San Diego) USA
Charlie's Angels 1976 Jack Elliot and Allyn Ferguson USA
Coraline 2009 Bruno Coulais France
Corleone 1978 Ennio Morricone Italy
Cría Cuervos 1976 José Luis Perales Spain The song, performed by Jeannette, has become better known than the movie itself!
Daylight 1996 Randy Edelman U.S.
Diên Biên Phu 1992 Georges Delerue Georges Delerue France George Delerue himself perfoms piano
Doctor Zhivago 1965 Maurice Jarre France The beautiful Oscar-winning music of Maurice Jarre ("Lara's theme") brings a real epic side to the Russian adventures of Dr. Jivago (Omar Sharif) and his mistress Larissa Antipova, performed by the beautiful Julie Christie
Don't Worry, I'm Fine 2006 Aaron France
Duck, You Sucker ! 1971 Ennio Morricone Italy
Emmanuelle 1974 Pierre Bachelet France This is the first song by Pierre Bachelet and his greatest success
Flashdance 1983 Giorgio Moroder USA Irene Cara sings "What a feeling"; see also "Maniac" written and performed by Michael Sembello