Legal informations

General responsibilities

AURFEE shall in no case be held responsible for site access speeds, pages opening and viewing speeds, suspension or inaccessibility of the service, fraudulent use by a third person of all informations provided on the Site.


It is the User's responsibility to protect its computer equipment, especially against viruses and / or intrusion attempts, AURFEE cannot in any way be held responsible for possible attacks.


AURFEE cannot be held responsible at all if the service is incompatible or has problems with some software, configurations, operating systems or equipment of the User.


AURFEE reserves the right to make any service changes and improvements as it deems necessary or useful and will not be liable for damages of any nature resulting from such changes.

AURFEE reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to permanently stop the service and will not be liable for damages of any kind that may result.


The User is solely responsible for his use of the service, and can not hold AURFEE responsible for any claims and / or procedure made against him.

In particular, the responsibility of AURFEE cannot be held liable for breach by User of the legislation on music downloads, instead AURFEE being activist for legal download.


External links

AURFEE Site includes links to external websites that are editorially relevant for the likely audience.


We do not link to external sites in return for cash, services or any other consideration in kind. We link to sites purely on editorial merit.


AURFEE is not responsible for the content of external websites. Indeed:

  • AURFEE does not produce them or maintain/update them,
  • AURFEE can not change them,
  • they can be changed without AURFEE's knowledge or agreement.


Therefore, the inclusion of a link to an external website from AURFEE should not be understood as an endorsement of that website or of the site's owners.


In case a link would be done to a web site that does not suit the rights owner of a musical piece of work, this one may contact AURFEE by mail, joining the proof of his rights. The request will then be carefully studied and the link should be removed.